Be the change... that you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

You As A Workshop Leader

You are a candidate for becoming a workshop leader if you are -

  • Passionate about creating generative leaders (people within your own company/community and those you consult with, etc.)?
  • Interested in being someone who leads others to play their bigger game?
  • Wanting to have a major impact on transforming society, including large and small organizations?

The selection criteria include–

  • Commitment to effecting society as a whole and to your own personal transformation
  • Determination to complete all course work and use it to affect your community
  • Availability to fully participate LIVE online with others in classwork and discussions
  • Willingness to be open and share personal experiences, feelings, etc.

The workshop leader education process will take place in five steps :

  • Participating in the three-day course
  • Being coached in applying the principals of the course to your current life
  • Learning how to lead each module of YAGL and to be an effective facilitator
  • Filming practice sessions for each module and conducting two full pilot courses
  • Strengthening any weak areas

Completing these five steps successfully results in certification.

This entire process will take from nine to ten months with bi-weekly sessions and various feedback sessions with other participants and the faculty. This includes the coaching on the original YAGL materials as well as coaching on learning to lead each topic.

If you are interested in applying, contact to receive more information.