Be the change... that you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

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Being a Leader 

Barbara Key led a discussion about co-creating our community 

Andrea Bordenca spoke about Mindfulness 

Sema Basol of Turkish Women's Initiative facilitated exploration of Creating Social Change One Woman at a Time

Camille Smith of Work in Progress Coaching inspired us with The New Normal

Andrea Bordenca of Generative Leadership led a discussion of the Anatomy of Belief:  

Tricia Beck talked about her just-released book, Mentoring Lifts and Inspires Women Empowering Women

Lucky Chhetri of Three Sisters Adventures spoke about Three Sisters Adventures

Gale Sherman led us in a discussion of Ethics and the Moral Ladde

The June 30 Empathy 

The June 24 Purpos

The June 16 recording So You Want to Go Online 2 

The June 9, 2020 recording of So You Want to Go Online 1 

The June 2, 2020, Learning Edg

May 19, 2020, Building Community 

The May 11, 2020 Gratitude and Forgiveness 

April 29, 2020, Care About 

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March 31, 2020, Best Practices PPT  


March 2020 -- Creating Leaders

This edition of our bulletin focuses on Linda Thompson and a key tool she uses in coaching leaders -- the Impact Report

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December 2019 -- Model the Way

By Linda Alepin and Barbara Key

This edition of our bulletin is devoted to a discussion of a key leadership practice from The Leadership Challenge® by Barry Posner and Jim Kouzes -- Model the Way.  

We illustrate this concept with a story about Lynda Haliburton, a graduate of Women Leaders for the World in 2012.

Read the article on Model the Way

Read about Lynda

You can watch our interview of Lynda HERE

October 2019 -- Futuristic Leadership

A Revolution in Leadership by Linda Alepin & Barbara Key

Leaders and leadership practices are responding to the acceleration of complexity in our world.  

Are you a part of this revolution? If so, where are you on your journey?

This article highlights three current trends in leadership that are part of the revolution. 

Read more here:

Creating Tech Women for the World by Linda Alepin & Barbara Key

Deanna Kosaraju epitomizes being a global leader.  As she said in her interview with us (, she moved from trying to plan a San Jose-based conference for women to launch a global conference using technology.

The Muse has named Global Tech Women's Voices Conference one of the top four conferences in the world for tech women.  It focuses on finding solutions to the gender gap and building an international community of women.

Read more here:

May 2019 -- Results and Conversations

Our Conversations Create our Results by Karen Wilhelm Buckley

Most of us struggle with habitual thinking and speaking patterns. We talk to ourselves in ways that hold us back from taking on unfamiliar challenges or stepping into new opportunities. A common habitual pattern is to lead with what is wrong or complain without taking action. When these conversation patterns repeat day after day, they limit our ability to accomplish what really matters. You can change your conversations to create a breakthrough in personal and team performance.

Find out how to change those conversations HERE

By Transforming His Conversations, He Changed His Results by Karen Wilhelm Buckley

The Operations Manager in a small but fast-moving firm of 120 employees, struggled professionally with a certain gloomy resignation. He had a good job and a great family but a morose attitude at work that dragged everybody down. You could hear it in his conversations.

His “something is wrong again” comments gave him the nickname of Eeyore, from Winnie the Pooh. A.A. Milne created Eeyore the donkey with classic lines like, “If it’s a good morning, which I doubt.” “I’d say it’s thistles, but nobody listens to me, anyway.”  Read more HERE

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April 2019 -- Thought Leadership

Are You Ready to Be a Thought Leader by Denise Brosseau

"The essential difference between leaders and thought leaders is often the latter’s ability to distill their know-how into a replicable model so that others can be inspired and empowered to expand on what they have accomplished."  Read more HERE

Van Ton- Quinlivan:  A Case Study by Denise Brousseau

When Van Ton-Quinlivan came to the United States from Vietnam at the age of six, no one could have predicted she would be appointed by Governor Jerry Brown to be the Vice-Chancellor for California’s Community Colleges, the largest community college system in the world, by the time she was 43. But looking back, she knows that it was by bringing together the ideas and interests of many different people into a successful program, PowerPathway™, and then scaling that program across her industry.  Read More HERE

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March 2019 -- Innovation is Alive & Well!

Transforming the Non-Profit Mindset by Erin Montgomery

Nonprofits face the ongoing challenge of figuring out how best to adapt to ever-changing economic, technological, social, and political environments.  Read more HERE.  

A Journey from Vision to Reality  by Barbara Key and Linda Alepin

We started with a vision. “ We are committed to You as a Global Leader (YAGL) contributing to a healthy world.”  What we cared most about was making YAGL widely accessible and affordable.  Read more about our journey HERE.  

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February 2019 -- Possibilities

You can find a link to our online discussion here:

Generating Youth Leaders in India by Diti Mookherjee

The Green Rhinos Program is a transformational leadership program that is creating youth nature leaders in India. It ignites in them a passion for nature conservation that stays with them throughout their lives.  Read more 

Up the Mountain of Success by Charly Jaffe

There are endless routes up the mountain of success. At times, the biggest thing blocking our ascent is not the overwhelming obstacles on our path, but the belief that there is only one way up. Dreaming up wild and unexpected paths to our goals can open doorways we’d never seen, and unwanted landslides can provide paths beyond our imagination. Read more

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January 2019 -- Strategy

An Engaging Approach to Strategy by Linda Alepin

In January, many of us turn to the task of “planning for the future”. How many times does this consist of some minor variation of the past? What is the pull to continue what may have been only a marginally successful project or one of our life patterns? 

 Read more HERE

December 2018 -- Joy

Building Joy into Your Holiday Season by Barbara Key

We all feel the joy of a forthcoming holiday and its festivities.  Family and friends will gather together to celebrate.  Read More Here 

Centering exercise 1 -- ONE

Centering exercise 2 -- TWO

Center exercise 3 -- THREE

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Coming 2019 Attractions:  (Send us your article ideas!)

  • Building communities
  • Courage and its impact
  • Fostering accountability
  • Generative strategy processes
  • Fundraising approaches
  • Identifying Possibilities
  • Intercultural communications
  • Moods
  • Partnerships -- building and enhancing them
  • Resilience -- recovering from setbacks
  • Technology
  • Thought leadership
  • Values – their effect on behavior

August 2018 -- Forgiveness

Forgiveness – Generating Healthy Lives and Organizations by Barbara E. Key 

“When you forgive, you in no way change the past—but you sure do change the future.”  Bernard Meltzer