Be the change... that you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi


You as a Global Leader is a series of courses designed to enhance everyone’s journey into BECOMING a generative leader and creating new futures for themselves, their communities, and their societies.

Fundamental to all the offerings is a period of coaching following the group sessions which encourages practicing the principles. This leads to the integration for long-term effectiveness of the learnings.

Time is spent discovering, dreaming, and designing new breakthrough strategies to fulfill visions for projects, organizations and societies.

The You as a Global Leader series is based on a convergence of Appreciative Inquiry with linguistic and somatic leadership practices.

YAGL provides -

  • A shift in context through examining your history and stories
  • Insight into how to be the author of your life and leadership
  • Understanding of leading as a way of being
  • How to embody what you care about into your life
  • Effective ways to engage and deepen accountability and commitment

The courseware has a multi-level architecture. The varying length offerings provides access for diverse audiences to participate. They provide a tailored approach for integrating common leadership language and principles across an enterprise. Finally, there is a workshop leader program which results in certification to lead and coach the offerings.

  • You as a Global Leader is a three or four-day course for people interested in both leading their organizations locally and furthering global change.
  • You as a Leader is a 2-1/2 or 3-day version for local audiences designed for managers and executives.
  • Everyone a Leader is an introductory one-day course designed for people at all levels in an organization to stimulate their leadership.
  • You as a Workshop Leader educates people to facilitate and coach all of the above offerings. It is offered using technology and designed to provide certification for those committed to lead any of the YAGL offerings. The IP is granted under a creative commons license to those who are certified for their unrestricted usage.