Be the change... that you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

You As A Global Leader

“If you want to change the world outside of you, start by looking within.”  Ben Davis, Chief Virtual Officer of Illuminate the Arts

You as a Global Leader (YAGL) is a workshop where people engage in lively conversations and exercises. It is designed to create a journey into BECOMING a generative leader and creating a future for yourself and your community beyond the expected. The course is based on the well-researched Appreciative Inquiry model.

In three to four days, participants discover, dream, and design new paths to personal transformation and the fulfillment of an impactful project.

The workshop will

  • Give you freedom from limitations that may be holding you back
  • Have you become the architect of your life and leadership journey
  • See new opportunities to accelerate your impact

The workshop creates new insights into

  • Leading as a way of being
  • Engaging with a team to deepen accountability and commitment
  • Creating and adopting practices that engender value
  • Embodying what you care about into your leadership
  • Shifting context through listening and questions

This course explores shifting perspectives and, therefore, influence to becoming more global. Being global is about shifting a myopic focus on an issue as strictly local to a community and viewing it as part of a world issue. Participants are challenged to take on global thought leadership.

Being global encourages participants to play a bigger game. By articulating life’s values and purpose and designing a future path to higher levels of leadership impact, YAGL deepens the sense of who one is becoming as a leader.

Ten coaching sessions, extending over several months, guide the participants to embody new behaviors and achieve results beyond expectations.