Be the change... that you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

Everyone Leader

Everyone a Leader is a one-day, version of You as a Leader.  It is a transformational leadership education program designed to make people more aware that leadership stems from "self".  

Upon completion, a participant can 

  • Break from past limitations/stories using a repeatable process
  • Create and adopt conversational practices that stimulate coordinated action and improved results
  • Shift contexts in order to find new and more innovative solutions

If taken as an organization, it establishes a common language, thus allowing teams to be more productive. 

Small group coaching is offered as an option following the in-person sessions.  

Everyone a Leader is now available ONLINE through Zoom and through Canvas, a learning management system!  The Zoom version has five 75 to 90-minute sessions.  The Canvas version is self-paced and includes two coaching sessions and four learning community calls.